What is Spam?

Email is a universal service using billions of peoples worldwide. It is one of the most popular services in the world but it is the highest vulnerability to the internet users.  These e-mails are also known as “junk mail”, an unwanted email,  the majority of an advertiser using these junk emails. However, the criminals send harmful links, malware, or deceptive content through spam.

The aim of spam is to get sensitive information such as a social security number or bank account information. The majority of the spam comes from different computers on networks infected by a virus or worm. These infected computers send out a bulk email as much as possible. Some of the common indicators of spam are the following:

Indication of Spam

• An email has no subject line.
• An email is requesting an update to an account.
• The email text has misspelled words or strange punctuation.
• Links within the email are long and/or cryptic.
• An email looks like correspondence from a legitimate business.
• The email requests that the user open an attachment.
• Repeating special chars in the mail Like !!!! or $$$
• Colors: Many different colors in tags.
• Repeated words keywords.
• The E-mail recipient’s email address is missing.
• Capital letters to all letters, especially in the subject line
• Big emails that contain lots of images or binaries
• Very big images about the size of 1600+ bytes of words
• The high amount of blank lines in the message body
• The date is a few hours before or after received or missing
• Text and background color are the same or similar
If someone receives an email containing one or more of these indicators, the receiver should not open the mail or any attachments in this mail. Nearly all email services providers filter spam, but, sadly, spam still consumes bandwidth, and the recipient’s server still has to process the message.

Why Spam is a Problem

Spam is wasting peoples’ time as well as consume more network bandwidth. Many organizations and individuals are fighting against spammers. But it is still impossible to prevent these junk emails. However, some online services have policies to stop spammers from spamming their subscribers.

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