Petroleum Prices in Pakistan for the Year 2018

Petroleum is a crucial part of our daily life, and life without petroleum is not possible nowadays. But the petroleum prices are rising day today, which is ultimately affect everything that we use in our daily life. Due to high pricing, people are already suffering and the rise of petroleum prices give them more tension. For the year 2018 Govt of Pakistan change the prices of petrol 14 times.

If we think especially about Petrol and Diesel, it affects everything directly or indirectly, for example, transportation, electricity, textiles, etc. Increase in fuel price also increases in food price like for example vegetables, fruits, Meat, Bakery and everything which are transported on a daily basis. The prices of these things impact on more on poor people because more of poor spend almost all of their income on food.

The increase of petroleum price in Pakistan increase the prices of everything, for example, it increases the transportation cost, the increase in transportation cost directly affect the prices of goods, the increase in the price of goods affect people pockets and the people lose their savings. The increase in prices, increase the poverty in people and get them into a sad situation. The low wages and salaried middle class are more affects the prices as compared to higher wages class. Following is the detail of petrol and diesel prices ups and down for the year 2018. The prices are according to 17 Mile filling station Islamabad, each filling station has some difference in the rates, due to transportation costs.

The Govt of Pakistan Give a new year gift in the decrease of Petroleum prices, applicable from 1st Jan 2019. So following is the new prices list for petrol and diesel.

Date HS Diesel / Ltr MS / Ltr
1-Jan-19 Rs107.14 Rs.91.4

Following is the prices chart for petrol and diesel for the year 2018

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