Lab – Working with Personal Computer NICs

Required Resources

1x PC Installed Windows 7 or 10 with NICs (Wired and Wireless)

Wired Connection and  Wireless Connection

 Identify and Work with PC NICs

Here, you will recognize the personal Computer NICs. That you can explore in different ways. You will also learn how to disable and enable these NICs. I am performing this lab with my laptop which installed Windows 10 so you will see the images of windows 10 there is little difference in menu selection in other operating systems like Windows 7, window 8, etc

 Step 1: Use the Network and Sharing Center.

  • The first step is to open the Network and Sharing Center. The best and easiest way to open it is clicking on Start and typing here network and. This will immediately show you the app in the list.
Sharing Center
Network and Sharing Center
  • Open the Network and Sharing Center by clicking the Windows Start button > settings > network and internet here you can find network and sharing center

To start Network and Sharing Center from the taskbar notification area

Right-click the Network icon in the taskbar notification area. And click Network and Sharing Center.

network and sharing center
system tray Network and Sharing Center
  • To start Network and Sharing Center from a command prompt
  • Click Start, and write cmd this will show you Command Prompt immediately. Click command prompt or press ENTER command prompt will be open.
  • In the command prompt, type the following command, which is not case-sensitive, and then press ENTER:
  • control.exe /name Microsoft.NetworkAndSharingCenter
  • Next click on change adapter setting, here you will see all network connection.
Sharing Center
network connections

Wireless NIC

  •  Select the Wireless Network Connection option and right-click it to bring up a drop-down list. If your wireless NIC not enabled, you will have an option to Enable If your NIC already enabled, then Disable would be the first option on this drop-down menu. If your Wireless Network Connection is now disabled, then click Enable.
wi-fi enabling_Sharing Center
wi-fi enabling
  • Right-click the Wireless Network Connection, and then click Status

  • The Wireless Network Connection Status window displays where you can view information about your wireless connection.
wi-fi status_Sharing Center
wi-fi status
  • Click Details to display the Network Connection Details window.

  • What to note here?

  • What is the MAC address of your wireless NIC?
  • Do you have multiple IPv4 DNS Servers listed?
  • What is IPv4 Address?
  • Do you have  IPv4 Default Gateway?
  • Why would multiple DNS Servers list?
  • When you have reviewed the network connection detail here now click Close.
  • Open a command window prompt and type ipconfig /all.
  • You can notice that the information displayed in network connection detail is the same which it will be displayed in the command prompt in the result of ipconfig /all
Sharing Center_command prompt
cmd prompt
  • Close the command prompt window and the Network Connection Details This should get you back to the Wireless Network Connection Status. Click Wireless Properties. In the Wireless Network Properties window, click the Security tab.

Here you can see the type of security. Click the Show characters. Check out the show character box to display the real Network security key, instead of the hidden characters, and then click OK.

wi-fi-security_Sharing Center

wi-fi security
  • Close the Wireless Network Properties and the Network Connection Status windows. Select and right-click the Wireless Network Connection option at notification area to connect and disconnect a wireless network > click connect. At a pop-up window that appears at the bottom right corner of your desktop that displays your current connections, along with a list of SSIDs and signals strength that are in the range of the wireless NIC of your PC. If a scroll bar appears on the right side of this window, you can use it to display more SSIDs. Here in this image, you can see two wireless networks.  If you want to connect automatically to the device each time you in range of the device then check out connect automatically
Sharing Center-SSID
  • If you are connecting first time to a wireless device then it will demand a password, Enter the password and click next make a connection with your wireless device. The window will save the password, next time you will automatically connect the device.
Sharing Center

Work with your wired NIC.

  • On the Network Connections window, select and right-click the Local Area Connection or Ethernet option to display the drop-down list. If the NIC is disabled, enable it, and then click the Status To see a status you must have an Ethernet cable attaching your PC NIC to a switch or router otherwise you can’t see a status of your wired NIC.
  • The Local Area Connection Status or Ethernet status window will open. This window displays information about your wired connection to the LAN. Click Details… to view the address information for your LAN connection just you see before in for wireless NIC.

The System Tray Network Icons

Use the Wireless Network icon.

  • Click the system tray Wireless Network icon to view the pop-up window that we already show in above, displays the SSIDs that are in a range of your wireless NIC. When the system tray displays the Wireless Network icon, the wireless NIC is active. If wireless is connected to the internet it will show the icon like below.
  • Examine your system tray. What is connected and what is the status of the connection is it connected to the internet or it is limited.
  • If wireless NIC is connected to the wireless device and its also access to the internet, its system tray icon will be about following. 

  • If wireless is connected. But it has no access to the internet it will show the icon like below. The yellow marks show the limited connectivity.

  • If wireless is available and wireless NIC is active but not connected to any wireless its wireless icon at system tray will be like following

  • Now disable the wireless ICON and check you should see that the  Wireless Network Connection icon has replaced by the Wired Network icon, which indicates that you are using your wired NIC for network connectivity. Examine the below image it has a red X mark that means the cable at wired NIC is no plugged or the connected device is power off. If the cable is unplugged or device is switched off ( maybe a DSL Router, Switch or wired port of wireless device) do needful to connect wired NIC.

  • Here check network connection with yellow mark, it shows the NIC connectivity somewhere but without the internet connection. The connection in LAN will ever show the limited connection.

  • Now check the below image its mean that the internet connectivity is working and there is no problem in the network.

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