Lab – Identifying MAC and IP Address

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Create Date July 29, 2017
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Objectives of the lab

  • Gather PDU Information

  • Reflection Questions


This lab is prepared for viewing PDUs. The devices are already configured. You will get PDU information using simulation mode and answer questions about the data you collect.

Gather PDU Information

Gather PDU information as a packet travels from to

Click > click desktop and open the Command Prompt.

Enter the ping command in command prompt.

Switch to simulation mode you will see a PDU appears next to192.168.10.2.

Click the PDU and note the following information from the Outbound PDU Layer tab:

Destination MAC Address: 0060.47AD.C801

Source MAC Address: 000A.41E7.AD04

Source IP Address:

Destination IP Address:

At Device: Computer Click Capture / Forward to move the PDU to the next device. Gather the same information from Step just like step gather at Repeat this method until the PDU reaches to its target. Maintain a record of the PDU information in a table.


Repeat this procedure for all the following:

  1. Ping from
  2. 2.Ping from
  3. Ping from
  4. Ping from

 Answer the following questions about the captured data:

  1. Did the Hub lose any of the information given to it?
  2. What does the Hub do with MAC addresses and IP addresses?
  3. Did the wireless Access Point do anything with the information given to it?
  4. Was any MAC or IP address lost during the wireless transfer?
  5. What was the highest OSI layer that the Hub and Access Point used?
  6. Did the Hub or Access Point ever replicate a PDU that was rejected with a red “X”?
  7. When examining the PDU Details tab, which MAC address appeared first, the source or the destination?
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