Component of Network

Any network infrastructure has three types of the component which is Devices, Media, and Services. Data takes a path from source to destination can be simple as a single connecting one device to another.

Devices and media are the physical elements, or hardware, of the network. Hardware is visible components of the network. we can touch or its take some physical place such as the PC, switch, router, wireless access point, or the cabling used to connect the devices.

Services include many of the common network applications people use every day, like email hosting services and web hosting services. Processes give the functionality that directs and moves the messages through the network. Processes are less obvious to us but are critical to the operation of networks.

Network Component

End Devices

The network devices that majority of the people familiar known as end devices. An end device is either the source or destination of a message or data transmitted over the network. To differentiate one end device from another, each end device on a network recognized by an address. When an end device initiates communication, it uses the address of the destination end device to specify where the message should be sent. Laptop, Desktop, Printer, IP Phone, tablet, and telepresence are examples of end devices.

Intermediary devices

Intermediary devices connect the individual end devices to the network. It can connect multiple networks to form an internetwork. These intermediary devices provide connectivity. These devices also make sure data flows across the network. Intermediary devices use the destination end device address, with information about the network interconnections, to decide the path that messages should take through the network. Router, Switch, Wireless router, and firewall are the examples of intermediary devices.


The Communication Medium plays an important role in Networks. If the medium works well and properly, then the speed of transferring data is good but if the medium is not working properly, then your data would be delayed or would not be sent or even can be lost during transmission wires, Optical fiber cable and, wireless is the main components of Media

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