Common Threats to End Users

Innovators and visionaries are two types of experts in the cybersecurity. These experts build different cyber domains of the Internet. They have the capability to find the power of data and bind it. They provide service for cybersecurity and build special organizations for these services. These organization also giving services to protect people from cyber attacks. These professionals must find the threats and vulnerabilities because these are the main concern of cybersecurity professionals. There are two situations that are critical:

  • When there is a threats possibility.
  • When vulnerability makes a target at risk of an attack.

For example data in the unauthorized person can result in privacy loss for the owners and affect the credit of the owner and the career of the owner can be at risk. The Google, Facebook, school, hospital, financial and government agencies and e-commerce facing greatest risks for identity theft. The large organizations like Google have a resource to hire top cybersecurity professionals to protect their servers and data. Many organizations build databases containing personal information about the clients and people and they need cybersecurity professionals, so the demand for cybersecurity professional is increased today. Cyber threats are unsafe for certain industries and the records they must keep up.

Types of Personal Records

The following are some examples of personal records that comes from few sources only.

Medical Records

Thieves can sell personal health information on the Internet black market. They can use personal medical credentials to get medical services and devices for themselves and others, or bill insurance companies for phantom services in your name.

The electronic health record (HER ) of patients includes physical health, mental health, and other personal information that may not be medically related. For example, the person goes to a checkup as a child because of major changes in the family. This will be somewhere in his medical history, so with medical history and personal information, the record may also include information about that person’s family. A number of laws shielding patient records.

Many medical devices use the cloud platform to enable wireless transfer, storage and display of clinical data like heart rates, blood pressures, and blood sugars. These medical devices can produce, a huge amount of clinical data that can become part of a medical record.

Education Records

The Education records which include grades, test scores, attendance, courses taken, awards, degrees awarded, and disciplinary reports. With the education record, there may also include contact information, health and vaccination records, and special education records, including individualized education programs (IEPs).

Employment and Financial Records

Employment records also include personal information, salary, and insurance information. Financial records are very attractive data for cybercriminals. This record may include information about income, expenditures, and credit card data. Tax records could include paycheck stubs, credit card statements, credit rating, and banking information. The cybercriminals can use their credit cards for purchasing or selling on the black market.

Authentication Details

The information about access into the online system is very valuable on the black market. This the habit of a human using the same password for online accounts. So if someone manages to get hold of your Facebook password or email password then they will mainly to be able to login to any of your accounts.

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