Broadcast MAC Address and IP Address

What is broadcast

When a single sender transmits messages to many receivers at once, is called a broadcast. So the most common example of a broadcast is the television and public radio systems.  In computer networking,  A Broadcast means that the network sends one copy of a packet to each destination. The broadcast is used very frequently in the networking world. The terms broadcast IP address and broadcast MAC address is common in networking.

Broadcast IP and Broadcast MAC

A broadcast packet contains a destination IPv4 address that has all ones (1s) in the host portion (see in IP Packet. This numbering in the address means that all hosts on that local network (broadcast domain) will receive the packet. Several network protocols, such as ARP and DHCP, use broadcasts. See the animation, where the source host sends an IPv4 broadcast packet to all hosts on its network. The IPv4 destination address is a broadcast address, When the IPv4 broadcast packet is encapsulated in the Ethernet frame, the destination MAC address is the broadcast MAC address of FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF in hexadecimal which is 48 ones in binary.


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