Converged Network

The converged network is such a network that designed to handle voice, video, and data.  The network consists of Layer 3 devices and Layer 2 devices, such as routers and switches. The router should be in position of routing table to accurately and efficiently send data to remote destinations. The converged network must be developed with an architectural approach that embeds intelligence, simplifies operations, and is scalable for future demand.

Elements of a Converged Network

To support a business community networks converged solutions using voice systems, IP phones, voice gateways, video support, and video conferencing. Including data services, a converged network with teamwork support might include following features.

  • Call Management – Call processing, caller Identification, call conference ,hold and transfer
  • Voice Messaging
  • Mobile Call Facility where required
  • Automated attendant

All in one is the primary benefits of transitioning to the this type of network because there is just one physical network to install and manage all the above services. Separate network for all the above services is too costly. So, there are considerable savings over the installation and management of converged network for the above services. The converged network solution integrates IT management thus that any change and additions are completed with an keen management interface. This solution also provides computer soft phone application support and point-to-point video, thus that users can enjoy communications with the same ease of administration and use as a voice call.

The services convergence onto the network has resulted in an development in networks from a traditional data transport role to high speed data, voice, and video communication. This one physical converged network should be accurately planned and implement to allow the consistent handling of the various types of information that it must carry. A prearranged design is necessary to allow management of this difficult environment. The figure below illustrates the converged network, that one network and many types of data.

converged network

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