Benefits of VLANs

VLANs make it simple to plan a network to maintain the goals of an organization. The most important benefits of  VLANs are as follows:


Security in one of the primary benefits of VLANs. it makes possible that the hosts that have sensitive data are separated from the rest of the network. The separation decreases the possibility of confidential information breaches. The figure below illustrates that management, sells and IT section are totally separate from each other, so they can’t access each other’s files. 

Benefits of VLANs


VLANs reduce the cost of the network and make possible of more efficient use of existing hardware and bandwidth because segmenting a network into smaller VLAN is cheaper than creating a routed network with routers.

Better Network Performance 

Dividing flat Layer 2 networks into multiple broadcast domains reduces unnecessary traffic on the network and help increase network performance. VLANs manage traffic very efficiently so that your end users experience better performance. The administrator will have a smaller amount of latency problems on the network and more reliability for important applications.

Shrink Broadcast Domains 

Division of large network into smaller VLANs reduce devices in the broadcast domain. As shown in the figure above, total nine hosts working in this network but only three hosts are in broadcast domains.

Improved IT staff efficiency 

VLANs make network management very easy for IT staff because users with related network requirements share the same VLAN.

Simpler Project and Application Management 

VLANs combined users and network devices to support both business and geographic requirements.

Simplified Administration for the Network Manager

VLAN simplifies network management. Grouping of users into the virtual networks, make it easy to set up and control network policies at a group level.

Easy Troubleshooting

Network troubleshooting can be simpler and faster because of different user groups are segmented and isolated from one another. If the network administrator knows that complaints are only coming from a different subset of users, the network administrator will be able to quickly narrow down where to look to find the issue.

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