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Copper Media Safety

All types of copper media are vulnerable to fire and electrical hazards.

Fire hazards exist since cable insulation and sheaths may be flammable; or produce toxic fumes when heated or burned. Building authorities or organizations may specify related safety standards for cabling and hardware installations.
Burning wire

Electrical hazards are a potential problem because copper wires can conduct electricity in unwanted ways. This could focus personnel and equipment to a range of electrical hazards. For example; a defective network device could conduct currents to the chassis of other network devices. as well; network cabling could present unwanted voltage levels when used to connect devices that have power sources with different ground potentials. Such situations are possible when copper cabling is used to connect networks in different buildings or on separate floors that use disparate power facilities. Finally; copper cabling may conduct voltages caused by lightning strikes to network devices.

The result of unwanted voltages and currents can include harm to network devices and linked computers, or hurt to personnel. It is essential that copper cabling be installed correctly, and according to the relevant specifications and building codes; in order to avoid potentially dangerous and damaging situations.

The figure displays proper cabling practices that help to prevent potential fire and electrical hazards.

During Installation of Copper Cable Use following safety precaution to avoid any incident.  

  • Wear safety glasses:
  • Use common sense with ladders
  • Wear protective clothing
  • Don’t be careless when lifting
  • Don’t use power tools unless you know how to use them
  • Be worry of electrical cable
  • Know local code: building code may prohibit drilling holes in fire walls or ceilings


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