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  • The Cisco Certified Network Associate – Routing and Switching (CCNA – Routing and Switching ) certification title has become the leading entry level network certification. The Cisco Certified Network Associate (Routing and Switching) certification was developed by Cisco to test the knowledge of candidate at networking at entry level. The CCNA – Routing and Switching certification analyzes the candidate’s ability to install, configure, operate, and troubleshoot medium-size networks.

  • The exam is scheduled for 120 minutes and has 50-60 questions on it. The people whose language is not English can get additional 30 mints.

  • During the exam, no outside reference materials are allowed for candidates. The following topics are general guidelines for the content. In order to improve reflect the contents of the exam and for clarity purposes, the below guidelines may change at any time without notice.

    • Operation of IP Data Networks
    • LAN Switching Technologies
    • IP addressing (IPv4/IPv6)
    • IP Routing Technologies
    •  IP Services
    • Network Device Security
    • Troubleshooting
    • WAN Technologies
  • CCNA Routing and Switching certification have many advantages to the employee and employer. These include future-proofing and greater utilization of network capabilities resulting in increased employee productivity and an improved ROI on network investments. The employees get training on the newest hardware and software. So when the employers get a chance to upgrade their hardware and software, their employees will have the tools and skills to hit the ground running when new projects begin.

  • The CCNA Routing and Switching certification is valid for three years at such time, you will need to recertify.

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